Michael Amani

Michael Amani was the first Belgian DJ/ artist to release on Martin Garrix' label STMPD RCRDS. If you're thinking... art direction, concept creating, content editing, social media managing, video editing.. you name it, we did it.

Single cover art

In collaboration with @lammerghini, we worked on one of Michael Amani's lastest STMPD RCRDS releases "Shifting Gears (feat. Robbie Rise)" which now has over 350.000 streams on Spotify.

Instagram sticker GIFs

GIFs are key for a strong Instagram game. You can connect your business with your audience or clients and easily stand out in an already saturated branch or sector. With our verified GIPHY account, we can have your GIFs up and running in no time.

Instagram Face Filters

You now have the ability to have your own, personalised Instagram filter attached to your profile. Get your followers or clients to interact with you or your business like never before. We worked out an idea to connect all Belgian deejays during these difficult COVID-19 times. And worth mentioning, filters are an amazing way to get great impression results!

Instagram Color Filters

Besides a face filter, we also created two Instagram filters based on Michael Amani's personal Lightroom presets (which we also made).

T-shirt design

Merchandise is a great way to get visibility for your brand. This is our latest Team Amani Tiger shirt design. What do you think of our color grading for Michael Amani's Instagram pictures? ☺

Scroll down for a close-up.

(YouTube) Content Creation & Editing

Ever since Michael Amani started vlogging − we worked on concept thinking, editing and color grading for his videos. And not to forget; we made all the thumbnails for his YouTube, Instagram & Facebook content. Grab some popcorn and enjoy these two examples below!